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Yesterday saw the completion of primary development for this round. Another sprint development, but it hasn’t gone too bad.

A bit of light heartedness is deserved.

Here’s some Dilbert:

Dilbert comic strip describing the pains of watching someone's powerpoint presentation

W3CSchools has released results on common screen resolutions for January 2010.

Quite interesting to see that 1024×768 is no longer the most common size, we’re going bigger and bigger all the time it would seem.

76% of people are using above 1024×768 with just 1% of people running 800×600.

Johnny Holland currently has an article on creating successful style guides.

Quite often when designing a site or application the initial pitch is based on a single page concept. There may be numerous elements on this page some of which could appear in other areas some of which are specific to that page alone.

This guide provides a great read on working on how to create yourself a guide and document style attributes you use in your designs highlighting common areas like reviewing your style guide, keeping it updated as new functional specifications are raised and clearly defining elements which may have varying results, form items for example that may appear different across browser and platform.

I absolutely love the use of storyboards, I always have. The value of having something laid out in front of you end to end is so vast that it confuses me when people appear to either fear it or feel that it is a waste of time.

Here is a great video show the sketchboard method for web design.

Today I discovered UXBooth, which is also where I found this video. The video is accompanied by a really nice article with photos of the design process as well.

Really good video from HTC about the considerations and innovations they brought into the design and development of the Nexus Google Android handset.

Once again showing that working on paper first shines through to great design and even greater development.

User Experience

Heading down the rabbit hole into the cold waters of user experience development.

For the next month I will be researching and analysing web apps to further explore the fundamentals, principles and the art of UI Design and creating powerful UX based applications.

I have just read the first part of Better User Experience with Storytelling by Francisco Inchauste for Smashing Magazine which has provided a very strong introduction into the principles of story telling and how these can be applied to branding, and generating an interactive experience.

Other blogs which have caught my attention today have been which has provided some great advice on using wizards and goal indicators effectively in applications and the psychological impact that this can have on a user.

Konigi in itself is a wonderful example of beautiful interface design, and regularly updates with examples across the web of both site design and application design. The real winner for me is that they tag each submission with specifics such as use of Header and Footer, or menu controls.